[Bug] Changing selected Email Template in Branding > Email Templates retain redirect to

So, I was following along this thread because I needed the same functionality:

and I encountered the exact same comment by the OP.

In my case, I had the Redirect To field filled up for “Verification Email (using Link)”, and changing the Template dropdown to “Change Password” retains the value. Navigating to a different template that does not have the Redirect To field (e.g. Password Breach Alert) clears the field.

Steps to replicate:

  1. Go to Branding > Email Templates
  2. With Verification Email (using Link) selected, fill in Redirect To field with any value.
  3. Change dropdown to “Change Password”, see that Redirect To field is retained.
  4. Navigate back to Verification Email (using Link), then switch to Welcome Email then switch to Change Password, see that the Redirect To field is cleared out.

This behavior happens if Change Password Redirect To field is blank. This made me to think that I already had a Redirect To value set (because “Save” button was also grayed out) when in fact, the field was still blank.

Hi @rystraum ,

Welcome to the Auth0 Community!

I could repeat the same issue, and one additional observation is that if switching to the “Verification Email (using Link)” template where the “Redirect to” is added and then switch to the “Change Password” template, the “Redirect to” field is populated again.

I have filed an internal bug report and will provide updates on further progress.

Thank you!