Email verification redirect in New Universal Login

According to this document Configure Default Login Routes :

As part of the signup process, users get an email to verify their email address. If they click on the link, they will land on a page that says that the email was verified, with a button to go back to the application…

This behavior only happens when the New Universal Login Experience is enabled.

We take this to mean that after completing email verification, the user is redirected to an Auth0 screen which displays the ‘email-verification’/‘email-verification-result’ prompt?

However with our testing it appears that this is not the case.

We have the following configuration:

  • New Universal Login
  • Branding > Email templates > Template (Verification email (using Link)) - ‘Redirect To’ is set to a custom URL.

When a user completes email verification they are redirected to the custom URL we have configured above in the ‘Redirect To’ field. Is this the expected behaviour?

Hey there @richard8 !

That is something I would expect. Without providing the ‘Redirect to’ URL in the email template settings, I got the general screen like the one below:

Is this something you also observe?

Please let me know if you have any concerns related to this!

Thanks for your reply @marcelina.barycka. So you’re saying the expected behavior is as follows?

  • If the ‘Redirect To’ field in the Verification email template is not supplied, then we should see the screen you shared.
  • If the ‘Redirect To’ field is filled in, then we should expect the user to be redirected to the URI in this field.

We just want to confirm this is the correct behavior because this is different to the reset password flow which does not observe the ‘Redirect To’ field at all in New Universal Login and instead only redirects to ‘Tenant Login URI’ or ‘Application Login URI’ depending on your configuration: Why is password change/reset redirect not working?

Hi @richard8 !

To be more specific, I get this screen when no customizations are applied to the Email Verification template. If you would like to, you can check it on a free Auth0 tenant, where a custom email provider is not being set, thus there is no option to set customizations.

Would you be open to also taking a test and, on a tenant with a custom email provider being set, leave the ‘Redirect to’ field empty on the email template (Branding > Email templates > Template (Verification email (using Link)) - ‘Redirect To’ ) and see if you get this generic screen?

Yes, just please be sure that this URI is provided in the respective Application → Settings → Allowed Callback URLs. [EDIT: It’s not something I can reproduce (have no custom email provider configured), but looking analogically, here you should be presented with a similar to the generic screen, just with the “Back to my app” button, that would redirect the user to a specific Callback URL].

Unfortunately, based on docs, it looks like the customizable ‘Redirect To’ is available for the Classic Experience :confused:

Please let us know if there are more questions on that!

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