Email Verification Flow New Universal Login Experience

Hi team,

We configured Verification Email in our signup flow as mentioned in this post (following case1). Here is the user experience and wondering if it can be improved:

  1. The user receives the verification email
  2. Upon clicking on the email, they are taken to Universal login, where the page background is displayed and even before the widget is rendered with the message “Email is Verified”, the user is quickly redirected to the redirectUrl mentioned in the email template.

The user does not see any confirmation message in this flow and wondering if Step2 can be improved.


Hi @idm_hunt,

Thanks for reaching out to the Auth0 Community!

Yes, that is by design and is unavoidable. Once the user clicks on the verification email link, they will be briefly redirected to the confirmation page before being redirected to the Redirect To URL. This happens spontaneously.

Let me add that if the verification email process fails, the user will be presented with a failure on the page. In this case, they will not be redirected to the Redirect To URL and are prompted to go back.

Now, as a potential workaround, you could get the user’s latest email_verified status and display it directly on your current Redirect To URL (your callback URL) page. Or redirect your users to a separate URL first to display their status.


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