How to redirect unverified users to email verification page?

Our desired workflow is that when a user creates a custom email/password account, they are redirected to a page informing them they need to verify their email address. Only after their email has been verified should they be passed along to our app.

I’ve looked at this suggesting of using an action/flow to conditionally redirect, and that does work. However, right now I don’t know where to redirect the user to view the Auth0 email verification page. I can redirect to a page that we host, but I want to redirect to the Auth0 page.

I can see the design for a page like the one I am thinking of under Universal Login → Custom Text → login-email-verification, but I don’t know what I need to do to get that page to be the one that is redirected to after a user creates an account but before they have verified their email address. Is that possible?

As an alternative to redirecting to a specifically Auth0 page, we could do what we need on our side if we have the user ID when we get the access denied callback. Right now when we do this in the action:

  if (!event.user.email_verified) {

the request that we receive on our server includes the parameters error, error_description and state. Is there a way to include an additional parameter with the Auth0 user ID of the user in question? I know that we have access to the information in the event.user object, so I could in theory use that in place of / as part of the error description, but that feels kind of hacky and I was hoping there might be an easier way.