Verification Email Result screen - back to application button - Login

When reading the documentation about the verification email flow in the New Universal Login experience, I can see that a user should be redirected to the “login_initiate_uri” of the application. Whenever a user already has a valid session, the login process shouldn’t require interactive actions. Configure Default Login Routes

However, with following scenario, I get to the login page after verifying my email, but I still need to fill in my credentials (even though I am logged in before verifying my email adres). Is this a bug, or do I misunderstand the documentation?


  • Visit demo application
  • Register a new user
  • Go back to the demo application
  • Check your mails - click verify email link
  • You verified your email (success result screen) → click back to application


  • I get redirected to the login screen, but I still need to fill in my credentials (even though I was logged in)


  • I get redirected back to the application without needing to fill in my credentials

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Make sure that the redirect URLs configured in your application and in Auth0 match and that there are no conflicting rules or logic that might override the expected behavior. Ensure that your application correctly handles user sessions and persists user authentication status. When a user clicks the email verification link, the application should recognize the user’s session and automatically log them in.