Universal login and extra screen to verify email

I have created a custom login screen using the Universal Login → Login feature. I want to support a following screen which asks the user to verify their email and the click the link in the email. Is this supported in Universal Login anywhere?

From the previous post here (How to present the login-email-verification screen in New Universal Login), there is a MFA capability but this is different.

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If I understand correctly, you are looking for a holding screen after login that waits for the user to verify email.

There is no built-in flow for Universal Login that would allow that, but it may be possible to use an Action Redirect to build that yourself.

Yes that’s what I was after. However, I realized that I can do something like this:

                        appState: { targetUrl: window.location.pathname },
                        redirectUri: `${window.location.origin}/verification`,
                        screen_hint: 'signup',

This allows me to build my own screen with the route in React /verification. It works, however, I’ll study the redirect with actions link because it includes the state.

I assume there’s a way to use the state so they can sign up, verify their email and not have to sign in.

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Can you explain what you mean?

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