Universal login page does not get displayed


I have created an action that users needs to verify their email before they can sign in. As expected I get ther ?error=unauthorized url back. However whenever I click my loginbutton again I don’t get the universial login page. Tried everything that I can think of. Any suggestions?

Using react

Hi @oystein1,

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I understand that you have encountered a scenario where you are unable to get to the Universal Login page after clicking your login button.

Could you please clarify what you observe when you press the login button again?

And if possible, could you please capture a HAR file of the authentication events and send it to me as a direct message?

Thank you.

Hi again @rueben.tiow

Sorry for late reply.

  1. Create action that reject users to login without verifying their email address
  2. In react I have a loginbutton that uses the loginWithRedirect function
  3. On the universal login page login with an unverified email
  4. In react capture the rejection and let the user know that they couldn’t log in since email is not verified
  5. if the user clicks the login button again nothing happens. Here they should be redirected to the universal login page?

However I found a workaround (or is it by designed?). When I capture the rejection in react I call the logout function and login flow behaves as expected


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