Auto-login after verification email

Hello, I’ve a question regarding logging in user after he confirms email. Currently after user clicks on confirm email button he is redirected to the system and he has to log in again. I see this as a bad user experience, because he just confirmed his email. I found some topics from '19, but I believe things will be changed since then.

Current flow:

  1. User signs up
  2. User redirected to system and verification email is sent
  3. User confirms email and gets redirected to system
  4. User has to log in again

Wanted flow:

  1. User signs up
  2. User redirected to system and verification email is sent
  3. User confirms email, gets redirected to system and logged in automatically.

I did not found any help in documentation regarding this question.

What are the possible solutions to achieve this type of behavior?

Additional info:
frontend: SPA (React)
Universal login (old)
Custom email provider.

ping - maybe anyone has faced similar challange?

Hi @justas.eim,

There should be a session for the user if they signed up and open the verify link with the same browser. For example, in our quickstart React app, I can log in, close the tab, then click the verify email, and be redirected to the app home page logged in.

Are you using the same browser? This could be an issue with the session not persisting. It is important to note that the verification link will no create a session, but that a session should already exist from the initial login.

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Hi. I have added the “Require Email Verification” Action into the Login flow right after “Start - User Logged In”. This seems to be the only Flow that I can install this Action. I tried to install it into “Post User Registration” flow, but could not.
The problem is with this Action installed in the Login Flow, the Application seems to keep cycling between the App and then wanting to return to Auth0 login. No pages are really displayed due to how fast it keeps going back and forth. Just briefly shows the “Loading…” as rendered in my application. Where does this Action belong and if I have it in the correct place, what else do I need to do to get this to message user to verify email prior to login in?