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I setup an “email verification” rule. When I signup (mobile app - React Native), I get an error back saying that I need to verify my email (as expected). Once I verify my email and login again (via calling the /authorize endpoint), I get automatically logged in (without being shown the Universal Login screen). Why does this happen? I haven’t been able to track down how it knows to log me in automatically. Does it somehow cache a “device ID” somewhere? I’ve seen a /continue endpoint mentioned in some docs - not sure if that comes into play at all? I’m curious if this is configurable (i.e. to enable/disable this functionality?). Any insight into this flow is appreciated.


Good morning @jrp-23 and happy Monday!

You are verifying through a known good email (the one the user signed up with) and then follows the authentication flow back to your callback.

What would you like to change about this flow? What’s the goal you have in mind? Thanks!

Happy Monday indeed @James.Morrison!

In general, my goal is for the user to be able to restart the auth flow in case:

  1. they have multiple accounts and decide to log in with a different account.
  2. misspelled/forgot the email they used to signup, and are unable to verify the email.

Once they verify the email, the user will be automatically logged in, and if they wanted to re-start the auth flow they’d have to log out, so I guess that’s not a huge UX issue.

But I think the larger concern is scenario 2 above. If they can’t verify their email, then they’ll just continuously get prompted to verify their email, and will essentially be stuck. There is no way for them to re-start the auth flow in this case (to create a new account or log in with a different account). Hope this helps.


ok I figured out #2 above - I just needed to log the user out programmatically after receiving unauthorized error from the email verification rule (when email is not yet verified). At that point the app prompts the user to verify their email, but if they were to close the app and re-open the app then they will restart the auth flow (since they’re now logged out).


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That’s fantastic news @jrp-23 and thank you for sharing the solution!

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