Change Password template "Redirect To" not working if "Customize Password Page" is not ON


I am using Change Password template and I want to redirect user {{ application.callback_domain }} after the action finishes.

I tried too many times by using different URL’s and using {{ application.callback_domain }} variables also but this doesn’t work.
Then I go to Universal Login section -> Password Reset -> Then Customize Password Page option turned ON and did not change anything of HTML content.

Tried with Customize Password Page option turned ON and “Redirect To” option started working.
I do not want to set Customize Password Page option ON and “Redirect To” should work.

Please help.

Sorry for the delay on this. Are you using new UL? It does not act the same with password reset.

Yes, we are using new Universal Login and we don’t want to switch custom password reset page or classic view.

The “Redirect To” option should work with Universal login.
Can you please give us solution how can we achieve this?

This is a known difference between the new universal login and classic universal login.

It is an intentional difference documented here:

Password Reset

  • In the Classic Experience you can configure a url to redirect users after completing the password reset. The URL will receive a success indicator and a message. The New Experience will redirect the users to the default login route when it succeeds, and will handle the error cases as part of the Universal Login flow. The Redirect URL in the email template will be ignored.

We are working on getting better visibility on this issue.

If you would like to contribute to the discussion, I would recommend submitting a ticket via our feedback page. This is a direct line to our product team and helps us determine customer needs and gauge demand.

Otherwise I am happy to answer questions here.


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