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Redirect after Password Reset not working

As suggested in the documentation I am using {{ application.callback_domain}} in redirect field in Change password template. It is not working and I could not figure out what might be the issue because I am not getting any errors.

Hey there @shashank!

Can you share with us more context around what you are struggling with? Potentially sending private message with your tenant name + HAR file of what is happening behind the scenes in the browser would be perfect!

Attached HAR file (181.1 KB) . You can see that the redirect URL is empty string.

Attached image of Application(SINGLE PAGE APPLICATION) which is being used with callback URL’s and configured redirectURL’s in template


Is any information missing ? I haven’t got any reply for good amount of time.

Would appreciate a response here. It is blocking our auth0 implementation and is delivering a terrible sign up experience.

@shashank and @rahil

Following up from twitter.

Are you using the new universal login experience?

If so, please look at the password reset section of the documentation, it explains the difference:

Let me know.


Hey there guys!

Have you had a chance to look at what Dan sent above? Thank you!

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