Verification Link gives page that says "Error: your email address could not be verified."

We have enabled the force-email-verification rule, and users are sent a verification URL upon first attempting a login. When they click on the URL, they get a page with the following:
Your email address could not be verified.
Despite this, the users have their emails authenticated (i.e., the logs show a successful verification). How do we prevent this misleading error message from appearing?

Hey @troyappel, we found an issue in the flow and fixed it about an hour back. Can you confirm that you are now seeing a success message when verifying the user?

FWIW, the users would have been able to login because the emails were correctly verified when they clicked the link, but the UI just showed an error.

Hi @thameera,

Iā€™m having this issue right now. 100% reproducible on my mail address.

I opened a support ticket.



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Perfect! Then somebody from our developer support team is already working on that. Once you have it resolved can you share what it was? Thank you!

We are still experiencing same issue. but it occurs occasionally and not always. Is there any work around or resolution for it?


Experiencing the same issue. Any update on a resolution?