Verification Link gives page that says "Error: your email address could not be verified."

We have enabled the force-email-verification rule, and users are sent a verification URL upon first attempting a login. When they click on the URL, they get a page with the following:
Your email address could not be verified.
Despite this, the users have their emails authenticated (i.e., the logs show a successful verification). How do we prevent this misleading error message from appearing?

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Hey @troyappel, we found an issue in the flow and fixed it about an hour back. Can you confirm that you are now seeing a success message when verifying the user?

FWIW, the users would have been able to login because the emails were correctly verified when they clicked the link, but the UI just showed an error.

Hi @thameera,

I’m having this issue right now. 100% reproducible on my mail address.

I opened a support ticket.



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Perfect! Then somebody from our developer support team is already working on that. Once you have it resolved can you share what it was? Thank you!

We are still experiencing same issue. but it occurs occasionally and not always. Is there any work around or resolution for it?


Experiencing the same issue. Any update on a resolution?

Experiencing the same issue. If Auth0 fix this issue, will you notify us?

Hi @konrad.sopala,

We have a user in Germany who received this error message yesterday. All logs show that the verification was successful. But the end-user is confused as to what to do.

Is this being worked on by the Auth0 dev team?

HI folks,

The generic error message here is a known issue. In most cases it seems the verify link has inadvertently been used more than once, but our generic error message doesn’t differentiate between “already verified” and “other error” at the moment–it definitely should do at least that and I know this is frustrating from a user perspective.

There are several open issues related to this, but no ETA for a fix right now. Please chime in here if you’re affected by this and I’ll use the responses to raise visibility internally.




Thanks for the heads-up Matt!

We are seeing this for some but not all users.

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Hi Matt,

We have experienced the same issue for some of the users as well.

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Still seeing this, has this been resolved?


@thameera still experiencing this issue too.
What’s the status of this issue?

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Also seeing this error.

Created a new user in the User Management page of the dashboard, entered a Office 365 email address, and a password. Clicked create, when to User Details, the email says (pending). Verification email came through, clicked the Verify Link once, got the error described above, went to check User Details again, now it says (verified).

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Hi Matt,

We are still seeing this issue as well.
It’s creating poor user experience as this is part of the initial flow for new users.

Any update regarding ETA for fix or at least more helpful error message?

Thank you!

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We just received word that this error popped up for a new user, but it seems as though it may have been a false negative, since the email address shows as verified in the Auth0 interface. It seems as though it works for most users, but will occasionally happen.

Any update on root cause and fix? :slight_smile:

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But it’s only a false positive in the most academic sense. The user gets the error screen and has a conniption fit that eventually darkens our inboxes. I’d like a way to configure a0 where this doesn’t happen. Not dealing with auth issues is exactly what I thought I was buying.


I think what may be happening in our situation is we use Outlook and the safelink whatever is enabled. I’m wondering if Outlook’s link checking is jamming it’s fat thumb into these one time use links before the user can for “safety” and polluting them. If that is the case, auth0 is acting in a way that makes sense. However, Outlook and other link checkers aren’t going to go away before we all fight the great war with IT departments. Can auto0 be configured to allow those verification links to be opened more than one time?

@matt.macadam this is impacting us as well, any update on this?