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Verification email link sends users to an Auth-0 "Error" Page

Hi there,

We’ve created a website which has Auth-0 implemented. When new users hit the site they are prompted to sign up and then they receive a verification email.

When they click on the verification email inside the email they get this error from Auth-0

However, when I go in to the Auth-0 I can see that the user is verified and they can proceed to the site without problem.

Has anyone out there come across this?


When you say

I can see that the user is verified

you are referring to this particular flag, right?

Just asking, cause it surprises me that it would get verified despite the error message.

Is there any more detail in the logs? (Auth0 > Dashboard > Logs)

they can proceed to the site without problem

Yes, a verified email address isn’t by default required to authenticate. You can have accounts that never verify their email address. It’s up to you to decide whether you want to allow this or not (i.e. block it via Rule).

Upon signup the user receives a email asking them to authenticate their account, when they click on the link inside the email e.g. it takes them to the page and shows them the error on the screen.

Happy to send you the logs, what is the best way to do this?

No need for the complete logs, just wondering whether there is one log line with a failure. If so, you could send it via direct message on here, if it contains anything sensitive (profile > message).

But just to confirm: that particular flag shown in my screenshot is set to verified for that particular user, even/right after the error page shows up, correct?

Correct, verified once clicked on the link in the email. Ill send you the logs in a DM.


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