Verification email bad behavior

Our products are using auth0 as our account provider.

We have switch on verification email status.
After user create account, auth0 will send a verification email to user, user go to mailbox and click the link to verify.

We are facing a very weird behavior which happens in a high possibility, which is a very big deal.
After user click verify link form the mail, the mail will direct to a web
page, which says “you account could not be verified”, with no reasons.

And the weirdest thing is that at the dashboard, users history Log is actually “verified”.
Some probability will still remain pending, and didn’t get any Log.

The attachment is one of verified case but web page shows failed.

  • For more information:
  1. We have custom universal login page.
  2. We have custom verified email, the link we use is
  3. We have custom domains, and we enabled “Use Custom Domain in Emails” from the settings
  4. verified email didn’t have value in input field.

Please help, we are about to launch our product, but still no clue on this issue. Thank you!

IMG_6022.PNG IMG_0015.PNG IMG_0014截圖 2020-06-20 下午1.46.54