Email verification link fails, but email is displyed as verified in user dashboard

Hello everyone,

the link in the “verify your account” email fails for some users and for others it doesn’t.

If it fails, we get the screen below. Weirdly, the email is displayed as verified in the user dashboard. And resending the verification email results in the message "“Failed Verification Email - This account is already verified”. This is very confusing to our users and we get a lot of support requests because of this, so I’d like to fix this soon.

Why do some users get the verification failure message although the verification seemed to have worked? Thanks for your support :slight_smile:

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Running into the same problem on our end!

This could be because the email address is being (accidentally) marked as verified by a link-scanning service before the user gets to the message. That’s the case we were running into, particularly with Microsoft-based email addresses (,,

You may want to look at this post, which includes instructions on how to enable a new feature that should prevent or reduce the “robot used my verification link and now I get an error” scenario. :robot:

Thanks for the hint @lee.omara, I asked David to enable the feature and will let you know whether this fixed the issue!

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