Email verification link leads to an error and not redirecting

Hey community,

we recently switched out tenant configuration to an custom email to have our own text and logo etc. The email is working perfectly, but the verification link always leads to an error message (translated from german):

The email address could not be verified.

After this message, there is also no redirect to our application, even if we have a redirect url or default login url configured. The funny thing is, that the user account email verification switches from “pending” to “verified”. After clicking the verification link a second time, the redirect is working like a charm without any error message. I don’t know what we could do about this not showing an error after clicking the verification link. I would appreciate any help.

I’ve attached two screenshots to show the error after clicking the verification link the first time and to show the logs of auth0 for this case.

Hey @osca, we found an issue in the flow that showed an error even though the verification was successful. This has now been fixed. Can you try now now?

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Thanks for taking care so fast @thameera! I tested our custom mail again and it works like a charm now!

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Perfect! Glad to hear that!

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