The problem is that only Verification email(using code) is not received

I have been successfully sending Verification emails (using link) via the dashboard, but suddenly I am not receiving them.
However, the Verification email (using code) still arrives.

The dashboard email test was successful, so I assume the email provider settings are correct.

Does anyone know how to solve the problem?

Hi @kubota ,

Do you see any details about the failure in the tenant log? If the Verification Email (Using link) template is customized, is this failure persist if you use the default template?


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Thank you for your response.
I looked at the log and it showed an error.
I reset the email template as you suggested and the email is now delivered!

It seems to be because I had written an if statement like {% if user.user_metadata.lang == ‘ja’ %}.
This is strange because it was working without error until around last month.

I noticed that the quote around ja is not correct. Could you update to below and check if it works?

{% if user.user_metadata.lang == 'ja' %}


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