Verification Link gives page that says "Error: your email address could not be verified."

Hi folks,

We have feature available that should address this, but it’s enabled per-tenant. Please DM me your tenant name and I will open an internal with engineering to enable the feature. Please DM your tenant name to @david.bolton and he will work with engineering to enable this feature for you.

I am not sure yet how the feature works–I’m working on having it enabled in my test tenant and I’ll share here once I’ve looked at it.


Thanks for following up on that Matt!

I enabled this feature on my tenant so I can share how it works. When the user clicks the link, the page loads and includes an HTML form with the verification information in hidden input fields. The page also renders a “Click to Continue” button. It looks like this:

Screen Shot 2021-08-12 at 09.23.25

In most environments, Javascript on the page will automatically submit the form via HTTP POST before it is even displayed to the user–otherwise the user will have to click the button to submit the form. This is the key to how this works–link checkers won’t click buttons or execute javascript. And just to reiterate: The user only sees the above form if they have javascript disabled (and maybe in other edge cases).

In either case once the form is POSTed the user is verified and sees this:

Most users will just see this confirmation as their browser will POST the form before the other view is rendered.

Please DM @david.bolton with your tenant name if you’d like this feature enabled. If you are able to open a support ticket, doing so will probably give you a faster response (you can reference this thread for context).


There is an additional setting available that will require the user to manually click the button in all cases (no automatic POST). If you want this behavior let us know in the DM, otherwise you will get the default behavior with the automatic POST.


You can private message Matt @david.bolton by clicking on his name and then hitting the blue message button. Thanks!