Using MFA on the Free Plan


According to the pricing plans MFA with OTP should only be available under the Professional plan. I have enabled OTP on the Free plan and it seems to work fine.

I don’t understand if this is intended or not. Will it stop working at some point? What is the quota? Is it related to the environment, development in this case, and if so are all features supported on development?

Hi @radu.amihaesei,

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That’s correct. OTP MFA should only be available under the Professional or Enterprise Plans. If you attempt to enable OTP MFA with the free plan, you will see warning banners about requiring an upgraded subscription plan:

While you are not completely restricted from enabling MFA, we recommend upgrading your Auth0 subscription plan to continue using MFA without disruption. Additionally, if you check your quota utilization on the Auth0 Support Center, you will see that MFA features are not included in the free subscription plan.

Let me know if you have any questions.


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