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we are using Auth0 for a couple of months now and after a first misunderstanding are only using OTP for 2FA right now (see OTP.png). Still, the account usage page (see attached) shows some enterprise MFA counts (see AccountUsage.png). Can someone let me know where this comes from?


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Take a look at this FAQ that breaks down MFA:

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Hi Dan,

we are on the Developer Pro tier and as far as I know we are using the Pro MFA (i.e. OTP via Google Authenticator et al) only - as this is the only option we have activated in the MFA setup. Therefore, I am not sure where the 15 Enterprise MFA signups come from. Just to make sure - is it possible for a user to use the Auth0 Guardian app without us having activated it?


Do you have any MFA rules?

Yes, we do. We are supporting APIs and have deactivated MFA for API users.

Do you mind if I take a look? Could you please DM me your tenant name?

Sure. I have sent you a DM. Can you confirm you have received it, please?

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There can be a delay in which the report data populates. You said:

Was this recently corrected?

Hi Dan,

no that was actually corrected end of last / beginning of this year.


I sent you a DM with some more instructions.

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