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MFA in free plan

I’d like to know if MFA is available in the free plan. If it is available, which factors are available for the free plan? If it is not the case, which plan is required for MFA (especially SMS and Guardian)?

Thank you

Hey there @sujee!

As far as I can see from our pricing website:

MFA is available in our Developer Pro plan

Hi @konrad.sopala,
Thanks for your reply. The pricing page is confusing. It says 3rd party multi-factor provider. Since Guardian is by Auth0, it is not considered 3rd party. Since we are early stage startup, we would like to take advantage of Auth0 free plan until we have more than 7000 users. I’d really appreciate if I can get clear idea on which MFA factors is available on free plan.

Got it! Let me discuss it internally whether it’s possible to use any MFA when using a free plan. I’ll get back to you as soon as I have any news to share!

I got it confirmed that MFA with Guardian is only listed as an enterprise addon so it can only be added/used within enterprise subscriptions. Will let you know once I have any info regarding free tier plan

Ok so unfortunately using free plan you’re not able to use built-in MFA but redirect rules seem to be available on free and that can be used to implement a custom MFA

Thank you @konrad.sopala

No worries. Glad I could help!

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