MFA + Auth0 Guardian in Free plan


We have a tenant running on a Free plan. Looking at the subscription plans and features, it appears that MFA is enabled starting from the Developer Pro plan.

However, we are able to enable the Push via Auth0 Guardian app as an additional auth factor.
I believe our tenant is no longer under the trial period that was active once we created it.

How are we able to enable and use MFA with our Free plan? Is this a normal situation or are we going to get billed at the end of the month, regardless of our currently selected subscription plan, which is Free?


Hey there!

Can you send me your tenant name via private message so I can actually check if you’re not on a trial? Thank you!

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Let’s continue the conversation in a private message and we’ll post the solutions once we get it.

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Discussed internally and interpreted this exact case, for anyone having similar questions in the future:

If you somehow managed to get MFA working on a free tier and you’re no longer on trial (as it allows you to test all Enterprise features including MFA) you will be able to use that until some point when you will receive a notification with request to upgrade to a higher paid tier.

At some point it will just stop working until you switch to at least Developer Pro tier.

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