MFA With Free Account

Hi Team, we are using Auth0 for one of our Projects, So far we have found this very useful with our Free Subscription.

We use server-side APIs for all the integration instead of UI available within Auth0.

Now we need to enable “MFA” with Auth0, It can be any kind of like OTP, SMS, Email, etc.

Need some help with the below queries.

  1. Which Plan is good if we need SMS/Email MFA or with Google Authenticator?
  2. Are server-side APIs available to integrate it with our Custom UI?
  3. Can we Enable/Disable MFA for Individual Users?

Hi @jinesh.jain

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Thank you for posting your questions.

  1. If you need both SMS/Email MFA and Google Authenticator, you should go with the Professional Plan. If you only need SMS/Email MFA Essential Plan includes this feature. Here, you can find the comparison of Auth0 Plans and Pricing

  2. Can you share more details on this question?

  3. Users MFA can be managed from the Auth0 Dashboard → User Management → Users


Thanks for Reply,
Let’s say we purchased Pro Plan.
Now I need to Enable MFA for my users, can you let me know what APIs Steps I need to follow to achieve MFA?
I am not using Auth0 UI screens, I have Integrated with My own Custom UI with Server Side Auth0 API.

Please guide me here to achieve this.

Hi @jinesh.jain

I think that this guide should help you with the MFA setup.