User Login Issue

One of my users was suddenly unable to login. The user record is gone from the dashboard, but creating a new user returns an error saying that the user already exists.

Same case when using the Management API. Querying user by email returns empty result, but trying to create a new user with that email returns error that user already exists.

Hey there @bugged, I apologize for the delay in response. I would be happy to work with you if you are still experiencing this issue. How we would proceed forward is you would gather the user’s details (email, type of login) and then have the user try to login again and record a HAR file during this time for good measure. Once we had data bundled up, send it in a direct message to me and we would try to investigate further what may be occurring. I will keep this topic open for 10 days just in case this is still a hurdle you are facing. Please let me know if you have any additional questions on this front!

Unfortunately, since that was over 9 months ago, I really have no idea anymore.

I understand. However, if it becomes an issue again or if you remember any details please let me know and we can proceed forward on this front together. Thanks.

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