User is not receiving mail after "Forgot password" is clicked

Hi there,
We have trouble in receiving “verification” and “password reset” emails for some users from Auth0. Users who have signed up earlier in our portal are having no issues, while the new users are having the above issue. They are unable to receive “verification” mails as well as “forgot password” mails, checked junk/spam folders too. We tried with “gmail” as well as organisation’s mail IDs too, doesn’t work as expected in some cases. Initially we thought the problem was users who are “verified” and verification “pending”, but even “verified” users faced this problem.

Let us know if further details are needed on this!

Hey there @vikrams welcome to the community!

Are you by chance using Auth0’s builtin-in provider? If so, this behavior could be due to that - The default provider should be used for testing purposes only.

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