User email verified without verification email

Occasionally, we’re facing issues where newly registered users aren’t receiving their initial welcome and password reset emails. The user profile in the auth0 management interface shows up directly as “verified” instead of “pending”.

Steps I did:
→ Register
→ No emails
→ User was added and shows up as “verified”

a few minutes later
→ Register

  • Emails received as expected
    → User was added and shows up as “pending” as expected

I can also provide both user_ids if it helps.


Hi @Spissable,

Welcome to the Auth0 Community!

Email issues usually boil down to one of three things; Auth0 not sending the request successfully, the email provider not sending the request successfully, or the email client not receiving/processing the request correctly.

Are you seeing any errors in your Auth0 logs regarding the emails? You should be able to see if emails were sent successfully. If they are, you can typically rule out Auth0 as the issue. Also, make sure you have set up a Configure External SMTP Email Providers. The default provider is not meant for production use.

Next step would be to look at the logs of your email provider. This will depend on your provider, but should show you if the email was successfully sent to the client.

The final step is to look at your email client. You may want to dig into the spam filter or email quarantine. I have seen issues in the past where emails were being successfully received by the email client, but never leaving quarantine and reaching the end user (usually an Office 365 issue).

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