Email Verification Not Sent For New Email Accounts

I’m running into an issue where users create their email after signing up and not receiving a verification email.

Flow is something like this:

  1. User signs up on app w/ an email that doesn’t exist
  2. User is blocked entry into app until they verify their email
  3. User creates an email account w/ the email from step 1
  4. User requests another email be sent for verification
  5. User doesn’t receive verification email

When I look at the auth0 dashboard, the user exists. The history says that email verifications were successfully sent. I tried a bunch of times to resend the email from the auth0 dashboard and still no success (though the logs say they were successful)

The only way around it is to edit the email in auth0 and try to resend the verification email…

Anyone know why auth0 isn’t sending the verification email even though it says it was successful in the logs?

Hi @amanda1,

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The user is creating the email after they signup with it? I would guess the email would bounce and is getting blacklisted. Have you configured your own email provider or are you using the default dev email provider?

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