Forgot password feature isn't working

We have tried to contact Auth Zero several times about this issue but there has been no help/replies.
Once registered, forgot password feature asks for user email but never sends back any emails with link or option to reset the password.
Is it something that is covered only as paid feature?
All previous community threads lead to private DM suggestions.

Hello @brian15!

I’m sorry you’re having trouble getting help. Has the user that’s not receiving emails verified their email first? If you’re creating users through the Auth0 Dashboard, they will have to verify their emails before they can log in or reset their password. You can override this, but it’s not recommended for security reasons.

If the users aren’t receiving verification emails as well, does it mean the configuration has issues?
Moreover, please confirm if this feature is paid or not?
I have even tried sending verification email to registered user but he didn’t receive it.

I just tried adding a new user to one of my US-based tenants, and I got the verification email from just fine. If users aren’t receiving verification emails, it could be ending up in their spam folder, or your internet provider is blocking the domain for some reason.

I have checked with our IT and they are not receiving emails from this domain even after whitelisting it.
After your reply, I even send verification email on from user management dashboard of Auth0 but didn’t get any success.
Would it be possible if you provide traces of this above mentioned email ID so that we can mutually find out weather the email recahes certain IP address or not.
I appreciate your help.