Don't receive reset link for auth0 admin dashboard

Hi there,

Unfortunately I have forgot my password for my auth0 dashboard account. After that I clicked the button to send me an password reset link. The Problem is that I do not receive any mail.
I have also checked that this is the correct mail and I do not use an identity provider. In the past I also received mails from auth0.

Could you please help me out getting again into my auth0 account.

The account I’m writing here is another account where I can successfully login.

Thanks for your support

Hi @jembach ,

I’m Supun Sudaraka from the Developer Support team at Auth0. Could you please DM the email address of your administrator account and your tenant name to investigate what’s going on?

Thank you!

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After investigations, I’ve found that the account owner’s email address was in our email service’s suppression list. Once we removed the block, they were able to retrieve their password reset email.

Closing the topic. :slight_smile: