User doesn't seem to be in Dashboard list

We have a few users in db registered through plain password-username, but they are not appear in Dashboard at all. What could be the problem?

![alt text][1]
![alt text][2]

In late August-early september, Auth0 faced an issue that affected the dashboard such as users not showing up (but still existing and being able to authenticate)…

To solved this, Auth0 migrated tenants to a new index cluster, but if your tenant didn’t have active usage it is possible that it was not migrated and you are still in the old cluster. For more info about this, check this link : Indexing delays on Search API for Free accounts • Auth0 Status Page

If you do not require metadata searches (either in the dashboard or via the Management API, since this type of search is restricted to the new cluster), or only require searching with the restricted set of attributes, please send an email to with your tenant name and region to request being migrated to the new cluster.

Please, keep in mind that Auth0 can not provide an ETA for when your migrations can be completed.