No users in dashboard

![alt text][1]
When I go to users in the dash, I get the following message in the screenshot. I have two users and am able to log in with them, so I know they are there. I am currently on a free account evaluating auth0.

Some tenants with no active usage during the month of August were not migrated to our new index cluster. If you are experiencing dashboard issues such as users not showing up, it may indicate that you are still on the old cluster.

One option is to migrate your tenant to the new cluster, however please note that metadata searches are restricted on the new cluster. This is outlined further in the following evaluation of the issue:

If you do not require metadata searches (either in the dashboard or via the Management API), or only require searching with the restricted set of attributes, please send an email to with your tenant name and region to request being migrated to the new cluster. Note, we cannot provide an ETA for when your migrations can be completed.

how to fix this? please tell me how to migrated to new index cluster.
you not tell how to do that?