All users missing from Auth0 management?

We have around 150 users on a single client. I recently logged in to find that all of them have disappeared completely from the Auth0 management site and dashboards show 0 users total. Going to the users page, I just see a message to “create my first user”… Multiple dashboard admins see the same thing. However, all existing users on our client are still able to login as normal and reset their passwords, etc., and we see that in the logs.

Is there something simple I’m missing?

There was a related incident with user search functionality that lead to issues with the listing of users in the Dashboard. However, the observed pattern of behavior was usually not seeing new users so the scenario you describe seems to be slightly different and the situation should also be resolved by now.

The resolution as described in the link above is a bit different depending on if the tenant had an active subscription or not and if user search on custom user metadata fields is required. (to be continued in another comment)

I will look into this for the tenant associated with this forum user account and get back to you when I have more information. Meanwhile, can you confirm if you require/perform user search requests through the Management API based on custom fields you added to the user metadata? If you don’t require this at the moment then the resolution might be quicker; otherwise it will requires further analysis.

Thanks for the response and for looking into it for us. No, we don’t require searching on custom fields.

Thanks for getting back to me; I found that the tenant in question was not correctly flagged to use the new search cluster. I added an internal request to address this; given you don’t require the custom fields search I’m hoping that this should speed the resolution, but I’ll get back to you when I have more info.

The situation should now be resolved and the users should now be listed in your dashboard, to be honest, it should have been resolved for some time now, but I forgot to follow-up with this question sooner. Let me know if my expectation is incorrect and you still observer the issue.

Hi, I’m having the exact same trouble. Any chance you could advise?

I’m also seeing this. Is it expected to be fixed for everyone or just case-by-case?

@carl.d.benson @auth012 the recommended approach is to go through the email address listed in the incident linked in one of the comments above. The reason is that process makes it possible to share sensitive info and doing it here (public forum) not recommended. Having said that, it seems both of you only have one tenant, so as an exception I can assume it’s that one. If you then reply that you don’t require search on custom fields I can the request the tenants to be flagged. If you do require search on custom fields I would recommend the email approach so you can explain use case.

@jmangelo - I don’t require search on custom fields.

I logged the request for the tenant to flagged and the issue addressed which should happen over the next days unless something anomalous happens.

Same here, no need for searching custom fields.

Same here, no need for searching custom fields.

Hmm, my reply went to the wrong spot in any case, I have no need to search custom fields at this time.

I also now logged a request for the situation to be addressed in the tenant associated with your account.

Thanks! If I find I need custom field search in the future, is contacting support directly the right way to go? Or is that primarily a paid feature at this point?

To be honest things are still a bit in state of flux, the restrictions were put in place because without them the enormous variety of data and some not optimal schemas used for end-user metadata were causing instability for everyone. We want to make search more flexible, but without compromising everyone again so there may be more flexibility in the future but right now the search constraints apply to non paid subscriptions and also newly created subscriptions so the answer to your question is it will depend a bit on changes that are not yet available/set on stone.

@jmangelo We’re running into the same issue and do not need to search on custom fields. Could you help us out too?

@jmangelo We’re running into the same issue and do not need to search on custom fields. Could you help us out too?

@jmangelo We’re running into the same issue and do not need to search on custom fields. Could you help us out too?