All users are missing!


I am using the Auth0 dashboard to manage all my app’s users.
And since October 3rd, 19. All the users are gone.

They only show up if a particular user logs into the app.
This situation keeps us in the dark.

Thanks for the help.

We have exactly the same issue : all the users have disapeared from the Dashboard.

Same issue here, users are not showing in the dashboard.

I can still see the users if I go to roles and view which users are assigned to the role.

Hey there everyone!

Let me dig into this! Can one of you send me a screenshot of how your dashboard looks for you know? Also can I ask you @eldar if you can send me your tenant name over private message? Thank you!

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All my user data seem to disappeared some day previous week.

The users how ever seem to be able to login, and after they login they also seem to reappear at dashboard and user list.

Why is this?


I see something strange in our account.
The All time user count was more than 1000+ yesterday. But it shows only 619 today ?
Are those 400 users got deleted automatically or something else is going in ?

I could not find an answer on this. Can anyone help ?


I guess there is a bug.
Those who have logged in with the “Username-Password-Authentication” were all missing in the Users list and the count.
However, the same data is available in the API.
May be a bug in the dashboard ?


Hey there @ramesh!

Can you share with me your tenant name over private message so that our Dashboard Team can look into that? Thank you!

Done :slight_smile: Please do check and let us know.

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Thanks will get back to you soon!

Sorry to bother. Any updates on the issue ? Really appreciate any insights as we are about to go from public beta to production.

We are facing the same issue… 3/4 of our prod users have been vanished! Can you please let us know what’s going on?

Hey there @maximilian_cs!

We’re already investigating it. Will let you know ocen we have more news to share!

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To everyone reporting these kind of issues! Thank you a lot for letting us know. I merged all the topics you created for better communication. Already informed our Dashboard team about that. Once I have any info, will share with you immediately!


Ok so our team is currently monitoring this. You can find the status here:

Indexing delays, all users are still there, they are just not shown in the dashboard and management API.

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My user data seem to be back now.


The fix hasn’t been deployed yet, we’re still working on that but it might be gradually going back to normal!

@konrad.sopala I see all the users in my Dashboard again. It seems fixed. I will let you know if the situation changes.

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Thanks a lot for that!

@konrad.sopala All of my users are still missing from the dashboard.