User can't enroll MFA

We have some customers report that they can’t go through MFA enrollment process. It shows “Looks like something went wrong. Please retry.”

I have checked the customer’s HAR file and my own HAR file, I recognized that they are missing this request https://{tenant} I think this is the reason why they couldn’t finish MFA enrollment. But I have no clue why it could happen. Do you guys have any idea or face the same issue?

Hi @tony.nguyen,

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I have found a few reasons why this could be happening:

  • A clock mismatch; if the user’s clock is not synced correctly then the widget thinks the MFA link has expired
  • An issue with cookies mismatching; have the user clear the cookies and cache and try again

If you still are having problems please send me the HAR in a direct message.


Thank for your response @dan.woda,
My customer said that he restarted his computer and it works now.


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Sounds like it was likely a clock issue. Thanks for following up!

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