I suddenly started getting errors with MFA - “WE CANNOT CONNECT TO REAL TIME CHANNEL.”.

Is anyone else experiencing issues? Nothing has changed on my side, as working perfectly before - is this a set up issue or something wider?

We’ve been experiencing this issue since Saturday. Same thing as you, nothing has changed on our end. I had it work one time yesterday but then it went back to being broken. I was curious if it was something on our end as our application using MFA is not in production yet.

Since posting this here’s our current status. Works in Edge, FireFox and Chrome only in incognito mode.

Does not work in chrome - still investigating.

This is now affecting my login to as well.

I can authenticate perfectly to and our app when using incognito mode in Chrome.

Also experiencing this problem since yesterday.

@scott.parkes @swilson @nibblesnbits :wave: Hello all! Would it be possible for you to capture a HAR file of the MFA enrollment process and send it over to me so I can take a look at what’s happening? Please make sure to remove any sensitive information, feel free to DM me if you prefer as well!

we’ve been facing the same issue since last night

Also been happening since Saturday.

We’re experiencing the same issue and have notified support. This is a pretty big blocking issue for us since 2FA is mandated by our industry.

@kimcodes we’ve been in touch with Marcus Baker regarding the issues. Is it safe to assume that this is now a recognized issue on your side of the fence and he and I should stop working on it?

@matt.blum gotcha! Let me sync with Marcus and get a status on the situation. I will get back to you shortly.

I would just like to provide an update that we are still actively working to see what may be the cause of this error message. Thank you everyone for your patience.

Confirming two issues:
1 - Works only on Google Chrome Incognito mode.
2 - Guardian does not receive push, but does generate manual code.

We are also seeing this issue. Chrome on Windows.

Can you also update so we can be notified as your make progress toward fixing this?

@hoverlover got it for ya! You can find the updates for this issue here: Elevated errors on Guardian provider • Auth0 Status Page

Please let me know if you are outside the US region and are experiencing this issue!

While we proactively work on getting this fixed some users have been able to clear their cookies and had the issue fixed.

Fix seems to be working in Chrome.


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Sadly this has come back - @kimcodes sending you the HAR

Thank you sending the HAR! @tim22 we are looking into it again.

If anyone else is still seeing this issue please let us know!

Experiencing this issue outside the UK.

Works only in private chrome window.