MFA enrollment does not work


I would really appreciate some help around mfa.

I’ve enabled MFA for specific users by using rule based on this rule: How To Enable MFA For A Subset of Users

Then I tried to enable MFA for multiple users and all of them face the same issue:

  1. Enters credentials
  2. Being redirected to mfa page (seeing in the url)
  3. Spinner is shown and after some time getting the error “Your Login attempt has timed out.”

Things I tried:

  • Different devices
  • different browsers
  • different users
  • trying to send MFA enrollment invite from auth0 dashboard

Maybe anyone has faced similar issues or has any suggestions how could this possible be fixed?

Do you have any MFA factors enabled? You can check this by going to Security → Multifactor Auth in your Auth0 dashboard.

If you do and still getting the problem, I would take a look at the browser’s dev tools console to see if anything suspicious is logged there.