I cannot make changes to MFA (remove a security key, add authentication app, etc)

When I try to make changes to any MFA item under my profile (e.g. remove a security key, add an authentication app, SMS, etc). I get the following error message: Error! Error while enrolling device. Please try again.

Then all the options get grayed out with a spinning logo in front of them. I can’t use my tenant because of this.

Hi @rodballon ,

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I understand that you could not change any MFA. Could you provide more details about the steps you did when trying to change MFA items, including which MFA items you tried to change? And any error in the tenant logs? I can check the logs if you DM me the name of your tenant. Thanks!

Hi @lihua.zhang, the steps are:

  1. Login to http://manage.auth0.com
  2. Click on my profile logo.
  3. Clock on “Your Profile”
  4. Click on any MFA option to “+ Add”, or Remove
  5. Get the error message and the grayed out options.

I don’t think I can share my tenant on a public forum.

Thank you for providing the additional context. I tested this on my end by adding and removing the SMS authenticator and did not see any error.

Are you able to log into your tenant with Chrome incognito mode, and do you observe the same behavior?

Thank you @lihua.zhang, using incognito mode did the trick. That said, we shouldn’t have to do that and more explicit error messages would be helpful.

@rodballon ,

Glad to know that incognito mode works for you! As far as I see, this is a browser issue. I suggest you clear the cache and cookies in Chrome and give it a try to verify this issue again.

Regarding the error message, please feel free to create a Feedback and click “Vote”. Our Product team monitors them closely and might increase the priority if it has high engagement.

Anything else I can assist with, please do let me know. Thank you!

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