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Tried removing MFA for dashboard admin, now can not switch tenants


I got a new phone, and could not find anyway to get a new QR - so I attempted to remove MFA for the account (all applications access) and confirming login simply reloaded over and over. I finally created a new account (different email) and removed the old one - hoping to recreate it. Once recreated, still uses MFA AND no access toall my tenants. And the new account has no access to the other tenant… help anyone?


Fixed - for future… you have to invite the other user… to the specific app. Seems “all applications” not working…


Still unable to remove MFA from ANY user. Verifying account results in repeated reload of login


I get a 404 error from ssodata when trying to remove a MFA device from an existing account (Dashboard admin).

Seriously broken. What hope do we have when Auth0 can’t get their identity management right?


We don’t currently have any control over management dashboard users, other than inviting them to and removing them from our own tenants / clients. Mgmt dashboard users exist in Auth0’s own systems, not within our tenants. Definitely a shortcoming IMO. An AWS-like model would be helpful: one root account associated with the tenant, then RBAC-based tenant superusers within the tenants, all built in to the mgmt dashboard.


This is still an issue for me. Any other way to remove 2FA from ?


Hey there everyone! Can you try a Chrome incognito window or logging out and back in to see if that makes a difference? Thanks in advance!