Unable to log into account

I created an account on the free tier.
Then my boss created a paid account and invited me.
I logged in, saw the tenant he created. Played around a bit, and then got back to the tenant I originally created. I decided to delete this tenant. When I did that I got logged out.
So I tried to log back in, and got to a screen that asks me to finish my account and create a tenant. If I click on “Create Account” I get an error saying to contact support if it continues.
Of course my account is still registered on the free tier, so I can’t open a ticket.
My email is still attached to my boss’s tenant. I just can’t log in (well I can log in, just can’t get past the “account creation” stage. I did verify my email, still stuck.
I didn’t search, as I don’t see how there is anything I can do to solve this.

Hi @chris.mcbride,

Welcome to the Auth0 Community!

I have checked your account and see that you currently have no tenants, and you are not associated with any other tenants.

I would suggest reaching out to your boss to have them reinvite you the paid tenant.

For detailed steps, you can refer to the documentation below:

Let me know if you have any questions.


I asked my boss to re-invite me. I was listed in the team, so he removed me and reinvited me.
I was able to log in and see the team page, but I wasn’t on the team tenant (and there doesn’t appear to be a way for my boss to invite me)

So I clicked on the Team dropdown and clicked “switched to dashboard”
I got the same created tenant page as before. So I clicked create (or continue or whatever the button was) and got the same error message that it couldn’t create the tenant.

So I am in the same position as before. I am guessing if I logout and then back in it will take me straight to the create tenant page. Actually just tried it again, and yes I am back on the create tenant page. If I click continue I get an error, saying to contact customer support if it persists.
In my other account, which has ALSO been invited to the team, I can’t see the team, I can only see my team that only I am a member of.

Pinging this again. My main account is still stuck. When I try to log in I get a page that wants me to create a new tenant. When I click continue I get an error, and can’t proceed further.
I think there is an independent problem that I can’t seem to get invited to the paid team account. But I’d like to try to resolve the login issue first.

Hi @chris.mcbride,

Thanks for your responses.

It seems that your boss invited you to Auth0 Teams and not as Auth0 Tenant member.

In this case, I recommend referring to the Tenant Management documentation on using Auth0 Teams. Specifically, you can access the Teams dashboard by going to https://accounts.auth0.com/teams/{team-permalink}.

You can find your {team-permalink} under the Team information settings on the Teams dashboard.

Please let me know how this goes for you.


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