Not Able to Login to a Newly Created Tenant Dashboard

Problem statement

Dashboard users are redirected to the login box after introducing their credentials even though the user is a member of that tenant as admin.


  • User is presented with the login window to introduce their credentials.
  • User introduces their credentials and click button to login.
    • After this, the user is presented again with the login box to introduce agains their credentials in an infinite loop.

Steps to reproduce

  1. Have a dashboard user (for example “”) as a tenant administrator.
  2. Check the users in the Team by clicking on the dropdown at the top left of the Teams dashboard ( and selecting Members in the left menu.

  1. Try to login to Auth0 Dashboard with user
  2. The user is being prompted to enter their credentials in an endless loop.


As mentioned in Steps to Reproduce section, checking the Team members it could be seen that the user having the endless login password (member of the tenant) was not part of the Team.

Adding the user to the Team by invitation, the issue was gone and the user could login successfully to their tenant.


One of the recent changes in Auth0 is to have a Team created automatically. To have Teams enabled, the end user needed to contact their Technical Account Manager to get access to tenant. For some reason, there was one user that was a member of the tenant but not of the Team.

Most possible cause of this is that the dashboard user was created before this new feature took place using the tenant’s dashboard. Checking the date of creation of the tenant it was observed that it was created at the same time this change took place in Auth0. Currently, new tenant’s member can only be added through Teams.


Add the needed user to the Team as a member by clicking the invite a Member button. Once the user is added as a member of the Team they should be able to log in successfully.