Newly Invited Users to Teams Unable to Login to Auth0 Management Portal


The tenant user is unable to log into the Auth0 Management Portal after accepting the invitation. Tenant users are being redirected back to the login page and the issue persists even when using Incognito or Private browsers.


With the introduction of Teams, newer plans, and older plans that have Teams enabled, will have a different process for inviting new tenant members.


Add new people to the team first. From there, direct to the team member view, click on the user, and from the user view, assign the user to a specific tenant.

To add new tenant members into Teams:

  1. Select Members on the left side of the Teams Dashboard.
  2. To invite a new Team Owner, select Invite a Member.
  3. Enter the email address of the member to invite and select the access level.
  4. Select Send Invite.

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