Issues Inviting Teammate to Tenant

Problem statement

Within an Auth0 Team, the team owner invited a user to a tenant under the team. When the user clicks the link in the invitation email, the user is repeatedly requested to enter the credentials to log into the dashboard and is stuck in a loop.


The team owner should invite the teammate as a Contributor first and then invite the user on the tenant.


Follow these steps to invite a teammate to a tenant successfully.

  1. The Team owner removes the teammate from the tenant under SettingsTeam Members
  2. The Team owner logs into the TeamMember and invites the teammate as a contributor
  3. The teammate clicks the URL on the team invitation email to accept the invitation
  4. The team owner switches to the tenant and adds the teammate as an Editor User
  5. The teammate clicks the URL in the tenant invitation email to log into the tenant.

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