I am unable to sign in under my account (same as here)

Once I try to login I see new tenant form. Attempt to create new one only shows toast “error happens”. Please help.

Hi @h825

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Do you have more details about the error that occurred for you?

I’ve checked our system, and it looks like you were also logging in from GitHub. Are you able to access the Dashboard while logging in from GitHub?


Hi @dawid.matuszczyk thanks for reply. It is two unrelated bugs, I suppose or something like this.

Now I am using account with Github login as it is only the way for me to access auth0. I don’t like it as each time I open Auth0 links it asks to re-login and after login show “oops something wrong” page and I have to type something like “manage.auth0.com” manually.

I’d like to access via email+password and here is the issue I mentioned initially. Once account created I deleted default autocreated tenant. And now I have to create new one (which successfully triggered once I and login with email+password). But this action cannot be finish - attempt to create tenant always fails, som my account is effectively blocked. See attached screenshot.

Same result for any region - HTTP 503

Btw, here what I have when loggin in via github:

But after manually navigating to the dashboard it works. But you know, not the best UX to see error and retype url in address bar. That’s why I’d like to use email+pass.

Hi @h825

Thank you for the details, I’ve talked with the team, and there’s the possibility that this issue will happen cause of the problem with the session. Can I ask you to manually logout via URL → link to the logout URL https://auth0.auth0.com/v2/logout


Hmmm, after ~10 logout-login via github attempts with randomly clearing cookies it seems github works for me each time! IDK what was it, probably kinda “stuck” cookie or something like this.

Now only issue with my email sign in that blocked by inability to create new tenant in any region under any random name @dawid.matuszczyk

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