User unable to sign into Dashboard

I have created a new user in the dashboard so that they can sign into the dashboard, however, when they try and sign in, they receive an error stating that their email / password is incorrect.
I have assigned them admin permissions in the dashboard.

Anyone any ideas? I’ve tried to recreate the account, reset the password etc to no avail. It’s driving me mad as this seems like a simple concept.


Hi Michael :wave:

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:thinking: It sounds like you have maybe used Create User under the User Management section? This allows you to create a user account for first-factor authentication not for Auth0 Dashboard management et al. For Auth0 Dashboard management, et al, one would typically use Add Member under Tenant SettingsTenant Members which would invite someone to become an Auth0 Tenant Dashboard user.

Hope this helps :slight_smile:

Hi Peter,

Yes I think that is what I did - thanks!

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