The user already exists being returned when attempting to create a new user


We have one user trying to sign up, and they repeatedly receive a “The user already exists” error. The user doesn’t appear in the dashboard, and querying for the user via the API also returns nothing. We have no record of the user ever having existed in our realm.

Is there anything we can do to resolves this, other than getting them to use a different email address?


Hey there Tom!

I believe it’s the issue on our end that some of the users already reported. Our engineering team is looking into that. Will let you know once we have something!

Hi Konrad,

Is there anything we can to work around this problem? Our customer doesn’t have another email address to try, and we will lose them if we can’t create their account.


Let me reping the engineering team!

Hey there @tom.haywood!

Sorry for the delay here. It seems that it might be caused due to an outage we had but in the meantime everything got back to normal. Can you confirm whether you’re still experiencing this hurdle? Thank you!

Hey there!

Have you had a chance to see my previous message?

We had to get the customer to create a new email address and re-register with that email address. So there’s no way we can see if the issue is fixed. This was a bit of a challenge as he was a very old man who was quite computer illiterate.

Gotchya! Never mind glad you have it working somehow. Wanted to troubleshoot to see if it’s still there. Thanks!