"User Already Exists" - Received invite to be Dashboard Admin, but when clicking link and trying to log in get "User Already Exists"

We have several tenants. Someone just added me to be a dashboard admin on one of them. When I click the email invite link and I get a login prompt, I can’t log in because it says “User Already Exists”.

When I log into Auth0 with that account I can manage the other tenants… but can’t see this one I got the invite for.

Is there something we can do for this?

If I remember correctly the invitation link we’ll send you to the signup section of Lock so if this is database user and you proceed to provide an email and password the * User Already Exists* error could be explained. I would recommend trying again and checking in which section you provide your user information; if it’s for an existing user you should make sure you’re are in the login section instead of the signup.

I think it’s solved (via support from Prashant), but wanted to add a note in case somewhere else runs into this.

I think what the issue was is that the Lock defaulted to the “signup” tab, which I did not realize. When I made a new invite and then switched to the Login tab, it seemed to work and that email had access to the tenant.