Cannot add dashboard admins for new "account"

I had a test domain I was using and successfully added this person to as a dashboard admin.

I am trying to add this person as a dashboard admin for another account I created (it shows up in the dropdown in the upper right), but they don’t see the account when they log in.

I also tried to add me as a dashboard admin using my work address, but when I log in with that, auth0 is prompting me to enter a new domain as if I were signing up for the first time.

Is there a step or two I am missing here?

a little more info - I noticed that the admin user was “pending” and there was a link you could send them to accept the invite

I did this for my other email, and when I logged in using that link it said “user already exists” and did not let me log in.
HOWEVER, when I logged in again with that other email - not using the link with the invite token in it - I was taken to the dashboard and things seemed to have worked. Is this a quirk?

When a new dashboard admin is added via the dashboard, an email invitation is sent to them. They will not be able to view or access the account until this invitation has been accepted (link clicked).

When accepting an invitation, the user has the option of either:

  1. If they have an existing Auth0 account, they can simply “Log in”. This will link their existing user with the new tenant (account).

  2. If they do not have an existing account, they must “Sign Up” (the other tab on the login widget). If they try to sign up, but a user already exists in Auth0 for that user, they will get the User Already Exists error.

Hope this makes sense, let me know if you have any further questions.

thanks for the info confirming stuff
It seemed weird that it said “user already exists” and didn’t take them to the main screen.