Invited user can't log in to dashboard

I have invited a couple of existing users to be dashboard admins. They get the link in the mail and follow it, but when they try to sign in at the auth0 login prompt, their accounts don’t work. My original admin account seems to be the only one that can sign in.

I did a quick test with the admin invitation flow and could not reproduce the issue. Here’s what I did:

  1. Sent an email invitation to a Google Mail address.
  2. Accessed the associated email inbox to retrieve the invitation link and accessed it.
  3. Completed the login to Auth0 using Google social connection.

The above worked as expected so if the invited users still experience issues you should try to obtain more information about the exact steps being taken an in particular how are they trying to complete the login step.

We are experiencing similar problem. Send two invites, they were received, clicked on and followed. Approved. But they do not show up as Dashboard admins and they do not see the tenant they were invited too.