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Search v3 1000 result limit



The docs state:

Auth0 limits the number of users you can retrieve (1000). If you exceed this threshold, please redefine your search, use the export job or User Import / Export extension.

Does this mean per request, or is it in total (I will never be able to paginate beyond the 1000th result for a query which returns more than 1000 results)? We’re approaching the 1000-user threshold and I want to make sure we can exceed it fine, but the alternatives seem extremely poor (export job/extension) from an application perspective.


So according to the documentation you’ll only be able to search through the first 1000 records of a query, however you can use the export job to grab all your users to a file.

Endpoint: POST /api/v2/jobs/users-exports

For more info you can check out the API Explorer and then select Jobs


OK thanks. Unfortunately the exports aren’t very useful when you want to display large numbers of users using up-to-date information in real time.


Are you using the API or the UI to view the info?