Rate limits on Get Users endpoint

As described in the documentation at Retrieve Users with the Get Users Endpoint, user search using queries is limited to 1000 results. Please provide alternative solutions or methods for retrieving more than 1000 results. My specific requirements are as follows:

1.I want to perform user searches within Auth0 using GET /api/v2/users and applying filters using queries.
2.I want to retrieve all search results, even if a large number of results are returned.
Additional details:

I am using the Auth0 Management API.
I need to retrieve user data for various purposes, such as data analysis and user management tasks.
I would prefer to avoid using pagination if possible, as it would introduce additional complexity and overhead.
I appreciate your assistance in finding a solution to this issue.

Hi there @segiryamya ,

Looking at your use cases and needs, I think you could try the user export endpoint. Here is more on that: Bulk User Exports

Please let me know your thoughts on this proposition.

Tentatively, I can think of one more proposition involving writing to your external user store during the Login flow of our Actions feature so that the user search experience relies on your external user store instead of Auth0’s Management API.

But I would say that the user export endpoint resonates the most with your requirements :slight_smile:

@marcelina.barycka Thank you for your response.

I have one additional requirement. I would like to avoid storing any personally identifiable information (PII) on any medium.

For example, if I filter search results by email address and export them to a JSON file, I will treat the email addresses as PII and not use the exported file.

Storing results locally or in a self-hosted DB would be an acceptable solution, but I am wondering if it is difficult to handle more than 1,000 results from an Auth0-managed DB.